By three methods we may learn wisdom. First, by reflection, which is most noble; Second, by imitation, which is most easy; Third, by experience, which is most bitter.”

— Confucius

a few of My Reflections...

An Artist Is 

Authentic versus arbitrary

Raw versus routine 

Truthful versus trivial

Inspired versus imitation 

Spiritual versus superficial

Talent versus training 

... Any questions?


Make Them Regret 

Don't be concerned with making sure the people who chose to walk away from you regret it.
Be concerned with making sure the ones who chose to stay never regret their choice.


If your heart hurts, that doesn't mean it's broken.
​​​​​That means it's working perfectly fine. 


Blood don't make you family.
It's who you would bleed for and who would bleed for you.
That's your family.


I pray I never become too jaded to love the way I did before I knew that my love wouldn't matter. Because to someone - someday - it will matter more than anything.