Born and raised in the tri-state area of Maryland known as the DMV, Ashley Sno started singing at age 5, writing poetry at 8, acting at 9, songwriting at 11, and playing the piano and rapping at 12 - which is also when she began building her skills as a recording and performing artist. 

Her talent was recognized early when she was cast on the popular BET tv show, Teen Summit, from 1999-2000, and later in 2001 when she and her brother won the Coca-Cola National True Talent Search. A gifted student-athlete as well, Sno took several years away from music to pursue her degree and her passion for the sport with the aid of basketball scholarships. 

basketball would take her from Georgia to North Carolina to California to Hawaii, where she earned her BA in communication, and finally to Australia where she played semi-pro. Though not in the forefront, music was with her every step of the journey. In 2009, while living in Hawaii, she teamed up with another unique talent to form the duo, Andy Jenkins. They then partnered with a talented local band dubbed, "dirty genes" and Through their union, music was back in forefront. sno was back on stage playing at popular honolulu venues & events (like "jazz minds", & the former "moose mcgillycuddy's" of waikiki). but in 2010, after years of missing the feeling of the baby grand piano, she picked up the guitar. Two weeks later, sno wrote her debut single, "Only One". 

2010 was also the year she left hawaii and returned to the dmv she knows as home. Before heading to australia in 2011 to continue living out her hoop dreams, sno found herself back in the studio recording  with a talented & driven producer out of centreville, va, velour (@velourofge). for several years, they would work together, building a catalog of great music that would not be released. the perfectionist in her could not feel it was good enough, yet. but she knew she was on to something! so, she kept writing, kept listening for ways to get better, and continued to develop her sound & her spirit.

Most people don't know what to expect when they see Ashley Sno. They usually don't expect her voice to be so rich and soulful. They don't expect her lyrics to be so compelling nor her flow to be so precise. And they never imagine that her music will be the experience that it becomes or that her performance might shift their energy upwards in some small way. But that's a part of the beauty of what she does and who she is. 

Even if you've never heard her, there's something familiar about her. And even though she feels familiar, she stretches you with something new and inspiring - touching neo-soul, r&b, hip-hop, jazz, funk, blues and more in her music! It's exciting to think of her as the future of music! Which, there's no denying she is! 

to follow up her debut single, "only one", Ashley Sno is blessing us with an 11-week, 22 song barrage of outstanding & eclectic music she calls the #soundcloudseries. this music is being released exclusively on & incredibly - during the series - sno is dropping two songs a week for fans to relish!!!

All of this serves as the prelude to the 2019 release of her eclectic & visionary 3EP, "Sticks, Stones, & Diamonds". after partaking of these initial offerings, we can be certain... the music will be amazing!! Featured on the TV show, "New Orleans Live" in 2015, currently residing and performing in Atlanta, GA (at places like Apache Cafe, sweet auburn music festival, Union eav, etc.), Ashley sno is ready to make waves with music fans all over the world! listen to her music and you'll see why she is quite possibly the next... big... thing.